A new chapter in an old story.

If you’ve passed my front fence more than once, chances are you’ve spotted me in the garden, watering, pulling weeds, and chatting to dog-walkers. Between garden tools and power tools, I love getting my hands dirty and building spaces for people to enjoy.

Experiences with nature have grown some of my strongest memories - from climbing the old mulberry tree as kid on the farm in Victor Harbor to the smell of sawdust in my Dad’s furniture factory.

I can still taste the 4am coffees with the growers, as I loaded pallets of fruit and veg for my shop at the Adelaide Central Market over two decades ago.

My garden is a place of growth, experimenting, and pondering next steps. In 2021, after a twenty year career in architecture, I took some time out for myself to consider what I would do next. My growing respect for craft distilling, the need to be creatively challenged and my love of plants and botanicals have motivated me to embark on a new journey as a distiller.

Good Neighbour is the next chapter in my story, my place in a long line of hard workin' small (and not so small) business owners who were tough as nails and full of character. Some names you’ll find familiar - the iconic Hills Industries, Nexus furniture - and some are new. I’m equally proud of them all, and want to share our stories in a unique way.

The spirits I create echo the spirit of our neighbourhood. Combining home-grown botanicals and those sourced from my own neighbours, I’m all about genuine connections and being part of a community.